PR & Communications

Good PR means communicating effectively. At Henman Communications, we identify the five W’s:

  • Who to target
  • What medium(s) to utilise
  • Where your target audience is situated and the media they consume
  • When your campaign/messaging will get most exposure
  • Why your brand can receive better coverage

With over 15 years of media contacts we are well networked with national editors and reporters from leading UK print, TV and radio channels.

Our dedicated PR team includes many former journalists who know how the media works, take time to understand your brand, your messaging, your objectives and the best ways to ensure your brand is placed at the centre of your target audience.

From start to finish, our guidance includes:

  • Campaign planning; identifying key messaging and positioning statements
  • Media distribution list creation
  • Distributing press releases, media alerts and news announcements
  • Ambassador and key influencer engagement
  • Editorial placement, product placement and competitions
  • Media monitoring and evaluation reports (AVE)


Contact us to discuss how our press office services can raise your profile in the national media.